Retired People Make Excellent Students -Learn Guitar Autumn 2019

I still hear the old comment, I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but I think I’ve left it too late. Well the only person who decides it is too late is yourself.

Provided you have the desire to learn an instrument and the discipline to practice a little most days(even a few minutes can work well)  you will make progress. You are the only person who can determine how far you want to go and play the type of music which inspires you. Some people want to study classical guitar to an advanced level others just want to  have the ability to play along to a favourite song and keep time. It depends what you are looking for.

My role is to help you build a practice and learning structure that works for you. And this is where I can say through experience some of my most successful students are retired or semi-retired people.

The reason for this is nothing to do with age or maturity. It is to do with the control people have on their own time and priorities. We can never totally guarantee we will have complete control of our own time but I’ve found that people who are freed from day to day work and business obligations are able to make learning an instrument  part of an active retirement. It presents healthy physical and mental challenges, and according to many of my students, not only gives a great deal of joy but a real sense of achievement.

Autumn is approaching and then come the long winter nights. So why not take up a musical instrument. If that instrument is an acoustic or classical guitar I can help you get off to a good start or improve your playing.

I have a few remaining daytime lesson slots which might suit a retired person. So why not get in touch if you live in Ainsdale or the surrounding area…I never charge for the first lesson so what have you got to lose…  phone or e mail me soon. 

Kind regards


Ainsdale Guitar Tuition


About jghzap

I teach classical guitar. I perform acoustic music, I compose music and songs and live on the coast.
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