Want to play classical or acoustic guitar?

Welcome to Ainsdale Guitar Tuition.

I’m John Hill.  I teach classical and acoustic guitar.

If you are interested in lessons call me on 1704 572676 or e mail me on jghill1956@gmail.com  Do browse  this site and check out the testimonials page.

I’m based in Ainsdale  Southport just  a few minutes walk from  Ainsdale Beach.

My teaching studio is easy to reach for anyone living in Sefton  or West Lancashire; some of my students come from further afield.

I am a full member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors at London College of Music.

I have performance qualifications in classical guitar to advanced level through the Associated Board of The  Royal Colleges of Music (ABRSM) and hold their mandatory qualifications in music theory.

I also hold a Diploma in Music through the Open University.

My music qualifications are underpinned by over thirty years experience in training and education; I hold further qualifications linked to learning methods.

I teach people of all ages -my youngest pupil started aged six years old and I’ve had people aged over 80 take guitar lessons for the first time in their lives.I offer lessons for complete beginners and more experienced guitarists  looking to improve their playing. I focus upon the classical guitar and steel strung acoustic guitar.

Students  learning  the nylon string classical guitar follow a structured programme which enables them to develop at a pace which suits them. I mainly follow the  grade structure of the Associated Board of The  Royal Colleges of Music (ABRSM) which provides an excellent framework for students and myself to measure progress.

I also offer the classical guitar grade syllabus of the London College of Music(LCM) as  another  option where it is more appropriate for the student. The ABRSM and LCM are both long established exam boards with international recognition. If you want to gain qualifications  I’ll offer guidance about which route to follow, when to  enter exams and help you be well prepared.

However, there is no compulsion to take exams, the main aim at Ainsdale Guitar Tuition is to equip people to play the kind of music they enjoy. Every guitar student is unique and my role is to provide the instruction, guidance, challenge and support to help people make progress.

If you are more interested in playing steel strung acoustic guitars, I’ll design a tailored learning and practice plan to help you develop your playing so you’ll become a better guitarist with a good understanding of music. If you want to follow a structured  programme which  offers exam options, the LCM Acoustic Guitar Playing graded programme is worth considering and available through my studio.

How much do I charge?  There’s no charge for the first meeting. After that it’s either £15-00 per lesson or £50.00 for a block of four lessons. [Most students prefer the four lesson option.]

How long are the lessons? Lessons are usually 30 minutes long,  delivered on a one to one basis,  and held at the Ainsdale  studio. However, with the present corona virus outbreak, lessons will be offered via a video link.

So call me on 1704 572676 or e mail me on jghill1956@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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